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Terms and conditions of business


  • Helia always does its best to deliver its products as quickly and in the best conditions possible. The following stipulations represent the general terms in accordance with which Helia SA sells its products to its Customers. Unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing by Helia SA, each order implies unreserved acceptance by the Customer of these general terms of sale, as well as the negation of the Customer's general terms of purchase. The Customer acknowledges having been made aware of these general terms and accepts them without it being necessary for them to be signed by it.
  • Deliveries are made from our operating centre in Switzerland. The Customer will bear all the risks and costs related to this delivery, particularly those related to transport. If a delivery is delayed for any reason which is beyond the control of Helia SA, it will be deemed to have been made on the agreed date and no compensation of any sort may be claimed by the Customer as a result of this delay.
  • The order will become firm on receipt of the payment by the Customer for the order. The Helia SA Products will be deemed to have been accepted by the Customer no later than seven (7) working days from their receipt, unless the Customer informs us fully and in detail, by registered letter, of the defects observed and this, prior to the expiry of the above-mentioned period.


  • The colour of the product may differ slightly from that displayed on the screen.
  • Helia SA declines any liability in the event of inappropriate use of the products delivered.
  • Helia SA will not be responsible for any delays in the execution of deliveries or services caused by events beyond our reasonable control and will be entitled to an extended deadline in the event, for example, of strikes, problems affecting our suppliers, transporters or production, fluctuations in exchange rates, acts by governmental authorities or natural disasters. If such a situation should last for more than two months, this contract may be resolved by either party, without compensation. 


  • The prices given by Helia SA may be modified without notice. 
  • All prices are stated in CHF and include VAT in accordance with the rates in effect.
  • The delivery expenses will vary depending on the delivery method selected, the weight and the destination country. 


  • The term of the guarantee for the care products created by Helia is the date limit for use after opening.  
  • All prices are stated in CHF and include VAT in accordance with the rates in effect.
  • For other articles or care products not created by Helia, only the suppliers' guarantee will apply. 


  • All articles will remain the property of Helia until payment is made in full


  • The products, formulae and all items created by Helia SA will remain the sole property of Helia SA in its capacity as copyright owner or custodian of the intellectual property rights, and this in accordance with the provisions of the law in effect concerning intellectual property.
  • Helia SA therefore reserves the right to take any required action to enforce compliance with its copyrights and/or its complete title to the products and creations.  
  • The client undertakes to take all measures necessary to ensure compliance with the intellectual property rights of Helia SA concerning the products and creations. 


  • All Customer data will be treated as strictly confidential and will not be supplied to any third parties.


  • The present agreement, as well as the acts which result from it, is subject to Swiss law.  
  • In the event of any dispute arising directly or indirectly from the present agreement, the parties undertake to seek an amicable solution. 
  • If such a solution cannot be reached, this dispute will be subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of the State of the Valais, notwithstanding any plurality of defenders or guarantee call, even for emergency or protective proceedings, in summary or on petition.