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Alchemy Essence n°5

Heart Chakra: emotional balance and love of self and others. A beautiful composite of essential oils and alchemical elixirs, carried...

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Portia pendant

This pendant comes with dropper to put a few drops of Alchemy Essences Helia or an essence of your choice, into it. For your well-being...

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A Kiss from a Rose

A Kiss from a Rose is a sublime composite of floral water, essential oils and alchemical elixir; formulated to bring all to you...

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"Harmony of the Senses" body care oil

Harmony of the Senses treatment oil has been especially created to accompany to the balms and is designed for all-over body massage....

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CD "From Gaïa to Heavens"

9 melodies help to move our inner journey forward. They help us step outside our day-to-day rhythm and amid a world in which silence...

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Alchemy Essence n°2

Base chakra: vital force and sexual harmony A beautiful composite of essential oils and alchemical elixirs, carried in your pendant...

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Balm n°1 Feet Chakra

Feet chakras: self-acceptance and link to the earth It is through our feet that we connect with Gaia, the nurturing earth who supports...

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Chakra Essence n°5

Corresponds to the Heart Chakra. Olfactory signature: Neroli, Roman chamomile and Mandarin. Neroli, or orange flower, which is slightly...

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